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St. Pete. family in fear after neighbor’s pit bull kills dog

You have seen this headline before, where some negligent owner of an aggressive dog allows for it to kill. “Pit bull kills dog”, is a true headline from May 27, 2015 where an aggressive Pit bull dog got loose and killed a small Yorkshire terrier. As the story is told from the terriers owners, the Pit bull entered into the owner of the terrier’s yard and killed their little dog. The family did file a dangerous dog complaint, but what does this really do? What is the story headline read, “Pit bull kills a child”? This headline did appear in the Miami news a few months earlier. pit bull kills yorkshire terrier To blame the Pit bull is a mistake, it is the owners fault and the owners must take responsibility. A Pit bull is not much different than any other dog except for the fact that they do posses a combination of strong neck, lowered body weight, strong jaws and can do serious damage when they bite. There are other breeds of dog that posses the same abilities, but typically they are not in the news. The problem lies with the owners of a Pit bull. Many people own this dog, not for its beauty and ability as a working dog, but rather as a status of toughness. Some owners also abuse the dogs to make them more aggressive creating a walking liability. Good owners of Pit bulls understand this liability and go out of their way to keep there dog lovable and sweet. Sadly, attacks like this gets the dogs euthanized and it is unfortunate that the owners can go right out and buy another puppy. There is an ordinance on the books about dangerous dogs, but what does that do for a family who has already lost there loved pet and is now in fear of going into their backyard. This is where you need to take action against the owner and when you need an attorney. Contact Attorney Woodruff at Woodruff Injury Law in St. Petersburg   Sponsored by Woodruff Injury Law Marketing by Microfile