A lifetime of pain and suffering

Personal injuries causing a lifetime of pain and suffering

A catastrophic injury is a serious injury that may result in permanent disability, require extensive medical treatment, or greatly shorten a person’s life.  Examples include— Personal injuries causing a lifetime of catastrophic pain. We have seen where post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD) resulting from an animal attack or an assault may result in years of therapy. Caring for a brain damaged child or for anyone with a spinal cord injury that causes paralysis can drain a family financially and emotionally.  In addition to past and future medical bills, a catastrophic injury to the family breadwinner results in loss of future earning capacity and opportunities.  If your family has been affected by a catastrophic personal injury, it is critical that you thoroughly investigate and consider all of the consequences before you settle your claim.  Only with the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer and a firm that has the resources to hire top medical and economic experts can you be sure you are receiving the compensation you will need to take care of yourself and your family. Attorney Tom Woodruff and his staff have an exceptional ability to understand the complex problems victims of catastrophic personal injury, and their families, must deal with. At Woodruff Injury Law, our clients find the legal services of a skilled personal injury lawyer and the compassion they need during difficult times.

Legal help for victims of catastrophic injuries on Florida’s West Coast

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