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Providing our resource links, Woodruff Injury Law works with other Florida lawyers and out-of-state attorneys, serving as local or regional counsel to handle personal injury cases on behalf of clients.  Our St. Petersburg law firm respects all attorney-client relationships and confidentiality.  Here are some Florida law firms that we work with in areas of legal practice that we do not serve ourselves.
  • Cavey Barrett, Attorneys at Law
    • Florida West Coast worker’s compensation, social security, and veterans disability claims
  • Jay D. Passer, P.A.
    • Florida West Coast bankruptcy, collection matters, estate planning, creditor anti-harassment, and non-bankruptcy debt matters
  • Coleman Law Firm
    • Florida West Coast investment fraud recovery, and estate planning
  • Hough Law Group
    • South Florida Commercial Litigation and Bankruptcy law firm

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  • Microfile
    • The internet marketing company who designed and manages this website. Providing website design, social medial marketing, email campaigns and content writing.

Helping injured people in Florida since 1969

For more than 40 years, Attorney Tom Woodruff has been providing legal representation that is both professional and client friendly.  His familiarity with the local courts allows him to help each client make a well-informed choice between accepting a settlement and pursuing a claim through trial. We offer our resource links to help you find answers to question we were not able to address.  Contact us for more information or to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your claim with a Saint Petersburg personal injury attorney.