Have you been hurt on the job?

Safety should always be job one in the workplace.

Complete compensation for on-the-job injuries

Florida law requires your employer to carry workers’ compensation insurance that provides wage and medical benefits to employees who have suffered workplace injuries on the job regardless of fault.  However, if you have suffered a serious workplace injury, one that requires lengthy absences from work or long-term medical care, workers’ compensation may not fully compensate you for your loss.  But if someone other than your employer or a co-worker was involved, you may have a claim against that other person or his or her employer. Attorney Woodruff has been representing injured workers with workplace injuries since 1969.  Woodruff Injury Law makes sure that clients recover all compensation available through personal injury claims in addition to benefits they receive from their employers for on-the-job accidents. Attorney Woodruff and his team at Woodruff Injury Law explore all potential causes of your workplace injury, including—

Free evaluation of your workplace injury claim

Woodruff Injury Law are a skilled personal injury lawyers with an exceptional ability to understand the complex problems injured workers and their families must deal with. Contact us today for more information or to schedule your free initial consultation and evaluation of your workplace injury claim.