Do not let the insurance company tell you what your injuries are worth.

Has this happened to you?

Nearly everyone will be involved in an accidental injury at some point in their lives resulting in an accident injury claim.  Some of those accidents result in serious injuries.  When they do, it is important to determine who is responsible for your losses and damage.  Accidents can result from— Very often, the responsible parties will have insurance to cover their liability.  Their insurance companies may quickly send adjusters or investigators to the scene of the accident, to your home, or even to your hospital room to interview you and collect information about the accident.  Their job is to save the insurance company money.   They are not on your side.  Their questions may be loaded or designed to trick you.  You should never answer questions while you are still in shock from the crash or if you are heavily medicated for pain.  Any answers you give to an insurance company representative or investigator may seriously impair your right to collect compensation for your injury.

What to do if you are in an accident

If you suffer an injury in an accident—
  • Seek medical attention for your injuries immediately
  • Report the accident to your insurer, but
  • Do not answer any questions about the accident
  • Do not sign any forms without legal advice
  • Let your lawyer speak on your behalf
You will need an attorney experienced in dealing with insurance companies and large corporations.  Your attorney should examine your own insurance policies as well as those of the parties responsible for the accident.  For more than 40 years, Woodruff Injury Law has been helping accident victims get insurance benefits and coverage for injuries ranging from broken bones to brain and spinal cord injuries and representing them in personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits.

Respected, experienced and committed accident injury attorney

Woodruff Injury Law is a skilled personal injury law firm  with an exceptional ability to understand the complex problems injury victims and their families are dealing with. Woodruff Injury Law serves clients throughout Florida’s West Coast.  Contact us now to schedule your free initial consultation.  When you retain Attorney Tom Woodruff, you will not have to worry about what to say to insurance companies or how to say it.  Begin protecting yourself and your family today.