If you fall, you are going to get hurt.

Motorcycle injuries are rarely minor

A minor motorcycle accident is a rarity and motorcycle injuries can be life threatening.  Motorcycle collisions often result in catastrophic injuries such as amputations, head trauma, brain injury, or death.  An orthopedic injury, such as a broken leg or broken shoulder, may cause permanent disability and require years of medical treatment and therapy.  Even road rash or a burn injury may result in permanent disfigurement or scarring, at a minimum. Motorcycle wrecks occur for many reasons, including—
  • negligence, carelessness or recklessness on the part of motorists
  • drunk driving
  • treacherous weather conditions
  • defects in motorcycle parts
Investigation of a motorcycle accident requires the guidance of an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer.  Attorney Tom Woodruff understands the mechanics of motorbike and motorcycle crashes, the extent of medical treatments necessary to recover from a serious injury, and how to identify and coordinate insurance benefits to his client’s advantage.  Woodruff Injury Law has access to top accident reconstructionists and scientific experts to prove the cause of your motorcycle accident and your motorcycle injuries.

Bikers have the same rights on the road as other vehicles

Some people treat motorcycle owners and riders like second class citizens which causes motorcycle injuries.  But the law treats them the same.  The rules of the road apply equally to bikers and other motor vehicle traffic.  You do not have to accept lower settlements for your injuries merely because you were riding on a motorcycle.  At Woodruff Injury Law, we do not recommend early settlement of any injury case before the full, long-term financial, medical, physical, and emotional effects have been determined.  This is true whether you were a riding in a car, on a boat, or a motorcycle.

No attorney fee unless we recover for you

At Woodruff Injury Law, we handle all personal injury cases which include motorcycle injuries on a contingent fee basis.  You owe no attorney fee unless and until we get a recovery for you.  To learn more about our experience with Florida motorcycle accidents, contact us now.  Schedule your free initial consultation and get on the road to recovery today.  Let us help you get what you and your family need and deserve.