Tampa Personal Injury Lawyer in Tampa offer legal and personal support

Going through the pain of an accidental injury is already stressful so you need a Tampa Personal Injury Lawyer.  But when your injuries could have been avoided if someone had been more careful, you now have legal issues to face as well.  The attorney you choose needs to provide full service to help guide you through a difficult process.

The initial consultation is critical when looking for the right law firm

Choosing between numerous Tampa personal injury law firms can seem overwhelming.  But you can begin narrowing your choices by eliminating any firms that do not offer a free initial consultation.  This first meeting is critical in assessing the abilities of an attorney—and how well you communicate.  Look for the following attributes:
  • Experience:  Every accident situation is unique, which is why it is important to find Tampa personal injury lawyers with experience helping clients in a wide variety of accidental injury situations.  After dedicating more than four decades to his personal injury practice, attorney Tom Woodruff has the experience to provide quality legal support in a variety of situations.
  • A focused practice:  To provide the best support, Tampa personal injury law firms should focus solely on personal injury law.  When you bring your case to a general practice firm, the personal injury lawyers may spread their knowledge among varying areas of the law, making them unable to keep up with detailed legislative changes.  Woodruff Injury Law is dedicated to keeping abreast of the changes in the law that can make a difference to your case.
  • Resources:  To develop an effective case, attorneys need to unravel the true circumstances behind each accident to identify all parties who are at fault.  Tampa personal injury lawyer Tom Woodruff has a network of investigative experts and medical specialists available to help with the investigation, establish medical needs, and act as expert witnesses if a case goes to court.
  • Compassionate personal support:  A personal injury lawyer in Tampa should recognize that you have personal concerns beyond the legal issues.  You suffered an injury that may affect many aspects of daily life.  You need an attorney who answers your questions promptly and helps you find specialized medical support or other resources needed to get through a difficult period.  Attorney Tom Woodruff helps guide you through the entire experience—not just the legal case.

Contact an experienced Tampa personal injury lawyer law firm

Serving clients in Tampa and throughout the west coast of Florida, Attorney Tom Woodruff is a skilled personal injury attorney with an exceptional ability to understand the complex problems injury victims and their families are dealing with.  Contact us now to schedule your free initial consultation.  Begin protecting yourself and your family today.