Tampa Injury law firms provides the full range of support you need

The law governing Tampa injuries is complex and often confusing.  There is no doubt that you need to find injury lawyers with extensive experiencing helping clients pursue full compensation for injuries caused by the negligent or willful acts of others.  But you also need support beyond the legal issues.  Our personal injury lawyers in Tampa provide clients the help they deserve.  Woodruff Injury Law provides the full range of support you need. Here for you if you or someone you know has been involved in a personal injury in Tampa.

How our injury law firm supports victims in Tampa

Tampa injury attorney Tom Woodruff and his staff are dedicated to helping clients through all issues pertaining to their injuries—not just their legal cases.  We help in the following ways:
  • Detailed development of every case: Whether you need help filing an accident injury claim or catastrophic injuries require you to file an injury lawsuit in Tampa to ensure you receive the full compensation you need, we take the time to fully develop the evidence required to support your legal situation.
  • A cooperative process: Tampa injury attorneys must work closely with their clients to unravel the details behind every accident.  Attorney Tom Woodruff carefully assesses your situation, makes sure you know what evidence you need to provide from the accident scene, and uses his own expert investigators and medical resources when needed to further develop you case.
  • Dedicated personal support: You may need specialized medical treatment, or your family may need counseling or other services to help deal with the emotional issues that surround the dramatic changes caused by your injuries.  At times you may just require an attorney who understands your pain and frustration and treats you with respect.  We are never too busy to help our clients find resolution to all their issues.
  • Communication: Tampa injury lawyer Tom Woodruff and his staff want to be sure you are well informed so you can make important decisions pertaining to your legal issues.  We speak to you in plain language—not legal-speak—and we make sure your questions are promptly answered throughout the legal process.

Speak with an experienced Tampa personal injury law firm

Serving clients in Tampa and throughout the west coast of Florida, injury Attorney Tom Woodruff has an exceptional ability to understand the complex problems injury victims and their families are dealing with.  Contact us now to schedule your free initial consultation.  Begin protecting yourself and your family today.