Pinellas County Injury attorneys help victims seek the compensation they deserve

Not every Pinellas County injury case requires a courtroom trial—but the extent of your injuries is a major determining factor when choosing the legal action you need to take to ensure you pursue the full value of your claim.  When you bring your issues to an injury law firm in Pinellas County, it is important that they fully address the type of injury you sustained when identifying the best approaches to take for your case.  Attorney Tom Woodruff makes sure you understand the advantages and disadvantages of each option so you can make an informed decision.

How Pinellas County law firms help with minor to moderate injuries

Even motor vehicle accidents or dog and alligator attacks do not necessarily result in severe injuries.  But any injury that requires medical attention deserves compensation when those injuries were caused by the negligent acts of others.  When minor bone breaks, puncture wounds, whiplash, or other moderate injuries are involved, an insurance claim may be the best way to pursue compensation. Unfortunately, even seemingly simple claims can be met with resistance or unfair treatment by insurance companies.  Injury attorney Tom Woodruff provides valuable advice for clients in Pinellas County who want to handle their own claims—and he is available to intercede on their behalf if issues arise during the claims process.

Serious Pinellas County injuries often require serious legal action

A motorcycle accident often results in severe head and brain injuries, and even a slip and fall in a public parking lot can result in a range of catastrophic injuries that cause loss of vision or hearing or permanent paralysis.  Depending on the severity of the injury, your lawyer may recommend an out-of-court settlement or even an injury lawsuit in Pinellas County.  When dealing with the emotional trauma of life-changing injuries of this magnitude, it is important for your injury lawyers to have the skills to aggressively pursue the compensation you deserve while remaining sensitive to your personal issues.  With more than four decades of experience guiding Pinellas County injury victims through these often-complex cases, lawyer Tom Woodruff has the skills and sensitivity needed to help you. Providing clients assistance with personal injury in Pinellas County.

Contact an experienced Pinellas County injury law firm

Serving clients in Pinellas County and throughout the west coast of Florida, injury attorney Tom Woodruff has an exceptional ability to understand the complex problems injury victims and their families are dealing with and help them choose the best available option for their specific circumstances. Your Pinellas County personal injury lawyers.  Contact us now to schedule your free initial consultation.  Begin protecting yourself and your family today.