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Florida workers compensation law is specifically designed to benefit both employers and employees injured on the job.  Employees benefit by receiving medical attention and other benefits needed even if their own actions contributed to the accident.  Employers benefit by not being subjected to lawsuits when an unsafe workplace or other negligent acts cause injury to employees. You may want to look into getting a Pinellas county injury lawyer. However, this protection does not necessarily mean Pinellas county injury lawyers are totally barred from filing lawsuits on behalf of their injured clients.  With more than four decades of experience helping injury victims, lawyer Tom Woodruff understands other available options for pursuing compensation in certain situations.

Personal injury law firms in Pinellas County and workplace injury

The fact is that not every workplace injury is caused by the negligence of either the employer or the employee—third party negligence often contributes to the accident, such as in the following examples:
  • Motor vehicle accidents:  An employee can be conducting company business using a company car that just returned from brake repairs by an outside repair shop.  Or an employee may be a victim of an accident caused by a negligent driver while making a delivery for his or her employer.
  • Accidents on unsafe premises:   A normally safe workplace can quickly become unsafe when an outside electrical contractor leaves live wires exposed or even when a visiting vendor leaves products on the floor and causes an employee to trip.
  • Construction site injuries:  Employers of construction workers typically pay close attention to safety standards to protect from injuries in this hazardous profession.  But they are not directly responsible when workers are injured because newly-purchased equipment is defective.
When you bring your workplace injury issues to the personal injury law firm of Woodruff Injury Law in Pinellas County, we make sure your rights are protected in your workers compensation claim—and you can be assured we explore all available options for pursuing your case against everyone who is responsible for your injuries.

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